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SUMMER 2021 


JUNE 3 (?) - AUGUST 20 

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Strength, power, speed, and agility are all essential for an athlete to excel on the ice. Our hockey training services help optimize these areas during the pre-season, in-season, and especially, the off-season.


Our Off-Season Training Program has supported NHL, Team Canada, European, AHL, and All-Star athletes. 


Our integrated hockey training services combine Performance Training, On-Ice Skills + Power Skating, Therapy, all to help our athletes chase bigger dreams and reach their performance goals.


Athletes receive personalized plans based on a series of consultations and assessments, and are grouped within their skill level and/or age group.  Program plans may include training that enhances strength, power, speed, agility, endurance, flexibility, skills and recovery.

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  • NHL / PRO

  • NCAA

  • OHL / JR.A

  • High School

  • Youth

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  • Individual Screening Assessment

  • 4 months of Progressive Training at SHIELD

           - 3 to 4 gym sessions per week

  • 8 Speed & Acceleration Sessions

           - located at MM Robinson Track

           - track sessions begin in July

  •  Led by PHP on-ice specialists

           - Corey Locke, Brandon Coccimiglio, Lauren Malott,

              Scott Mifsud

           - each Coach offers a unique skillset and experience

              to build a complete hockey player

  •  28 on-ice sessions over 7 weeks

           - skills and scoring

           - biomechanics of skating

           - hybrid edges and maneuvring , creating deception

           - translation of skill learned into gameplay

           - small area skills and strategic game play

  • On-Ice sessions begin in July



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Each day we target SHIELD systems through a series of blocks. In these blocks we can breakdown movements, create a foundation for strength and power, increase cardiovascular capacity for sport, and teach our athletes how to recover efficiently through nutrition, mobility and soft tissue techniques. 

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Corey Locke

Corey was drafted into the NHL by the Montreal Canadiens and played 9 seasons between the AHL and NHL.  He won AHL MVP and Leading Scoring awards before playing 6 seasons in Europe, winning two AHL Calder Cup Championships, a German DEL Championship and was an AHL All-Star six times.

Since recently retiring from playing professional hockey, Corey knew he wanted to continue being on the ice. He is a Certified Hockey Canada High Performance 1 Hockey Coach and a Certified Hockey Canada Skills Coach. 


Corey focuses on the fundamentals and good habits, which allows players to recognize where these skills are used throughout the ice surface trying to gain an advantage over the competition. He believes in having players in game-like situations and confined spaces, to learn to play against pressure, learning when to make quick plays and when to be patient.  



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Brandon Coccimiglio

Brandon is the Founder of SHIELD. 


His passion is bringing the most 

skilled, experienced, and intuitive specialists together to create an effective team for creating the complete hockey player.  Brandon has developed systems that allow the young hockey player to translate seamlessly from the gym to the ice, resulting in a quick learning curve and stellar improvement. 


Brandon has pioneered the SHIELD hockey program, which has supported Stanley Cup champions and Team Canada National Players.


Having the knowledge and experience of a strength and conditioning coach and former NCAA & pro hockey player bridges the gap of understanding what the hockey player truly needs to create change on and off the ice.


The SHIELD team educates its athletes focusing on four pillars: Mindset, Movement, Nutrition, & Recovery. Learning the four pillars will teach the athlete how to become efficient in both life and sport, encouraging them to be better human beings.  


“Human Performance Made Better”

Lauren Malott

Lauren Malott is a high performance skating consultant, corrective movement practitioner and osteopath.


Her work is dedicated to optimizing mechanics to improve skating efficiency, reduce injury risk, and aid in return to sport at the professional and elite minor levels.

Lauren draws on her understanding of functional anatomy and kinetics, experience as a Team Canada athlete at the Senior World level, and work experience with NHL teams and top industry leaders to best support players.

Lauren is thrilled to work with SHIELD, and play a key role in developing foundations in skating within the program!  

Scott Mifsud

Scott came up through the Burlington Organization, having played with the Burlington Eagles and Cougars.  After playing at Vermount in the NCAA, Scott played semi-pro in the AHL, European Lague, and attended the training camps for both the Toronto Maple Leafs and Boston Bruins.

As an Offensive Skills Coach, Scott focuses on generating offense and goal scoring.  Attacking with speed, keeping your feet moving with your head up, and getting to the dangerous areas of the offensive zone are important skills that can become habits.


Scott zeros in on what goaltenders are thinking depending on where the shooter is on the ice, and teaches athletes how to react accordingly to create an offensive advantage.

Who doesn’t love to score goals!?! 



Our Daily Systems Include:


Medicine ball training takes advantage of this effective tool. Its ballistic nature places less emphasis on deceleration and emphasizes transferring force quickly. This improves kinetic linking and rate of force development.


Strength and power in this context refers to resistance training. Using a variety of methods to target varying degrees of volume (amount of sets and repetitions) and intensity (weight used or speed of the weight used) can progressively increase strength and power to meet the demands of life and sport.



The component of training programs conventionally viewed as cardiovascular exercise, energy systems development goes beyond the cardiovascular system and targets all systems responsible for providing energy for movement. Manipulation of intensity and duration aim to help the body meet demands more efficiently.


Regeneration relieves tension, alleviates aches and pains, reduces stress, and helps the body recover faster. It includes techniques such as self-massage, cold water immersion, and recreational activity.

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SHIELD works in alignment with Pure Hockey Performance (PHP) for on-ice specialty training.  PHP offers one of the most comprehensive on-ice programs in the Halton area.


Having direct access to ice within the SHIELD facility expedites the transition from on-ice training straight to strength & conditioning in our gym located above the ice.  Our Off-Season Program is an all-inclusive facility for hockey players.


When it comes to improving performance, having both on-ice professionals and performance specialists working together to create an individualized plan is the driving force behind an accelerated summer of training.




The body`s pillar, which consists of the hips, torso, and shoulders, is the foundation for all movement. Pillar preparation, or pillar prep, primes critical muscles to prepare the body for a workout, decreasing the risk of injury and boosting performance.


Movement preparation, or movement prep, is an efficient and effective warm-up. It includes dynamic stretches that increase core temperature, prepare the nervous system for exercise, and lengthen, strengthen, and stabilize the body.


Plyometrics improve muscle elasticity and rate of force development, aiming to increase force production in a short period of time by using jumping, hopping, and bounding movements. This trains your body to create and absorb forces dynamically to reduce injury risk and improve performance.


Movement skills help you move faster and more efficiently. Based on your sport or activity, movement skills develop linear and/or multidirectional skills, such as acceleration, deceleration, crossover, shuffle, and absolute speed. They also reduce the risk of injury and help you get more out of your training.

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