Pots Treatment

Graded Exercise: Transforming POTS Patients' Lives

Transforming POTS Patients' Lives

Empowering POTS Patients: Collaborative Solutions

Although POTS has many causes and contributing factors, excessive tachycardia combined with cardiovascular de-conditioning results, and cannot be addressed through medication alone. Fortunately, in as little as 3 months of graded exercise, research has shown a significant improvement in patients’ lives.

The prevalence of POTS has increased significantly over the last 10 years and is often undiagnosed and poorly treated. Shield has teamed up with The Angel Project, Dr Juan Guzman from Hamilton Health Sciences and Masimo Medical to improve visibility and provide a collaborative solution for those affected.

Pots Assesment

What to Expect on Your First Visit

Upon your first visit at Shield, you will have a one-on-one initial assessment with our physiotherapist. Our goal in the initial assessment is to understand your story behind your POTS diagnosis and get to know your lifestyle, current management strategies and goals. We will perform some tests and assess your vitals to get an accurate picture of your condition.

After the initial assessment, we will set-up your appointments for the next several months where we will administer and supervise an exercise program, including cardiovascular training, strength work and stretching. If required, we will also connect you with a nutritionist competent in working with patients living with POTS.

The program may last between 3-8 months depending on the severity of your condition, response to treatment and your goals. Change is gradual and our team is here to help guide you through your recovery.

Tailored POTS Program: Cardio & Strength

Patients in the POTS program will usually see us 3 times per week to be monitored during their cardio sessions, and they perform a strength program that we develop together, 2 times a week at home. The cardio sessions typically begin with 30min sessions, with the goal to build intensity, length of time and type of cardio we perform. The length of the program is typically between 3 - 8 months, depending on the patient’s baseline symptoms, response to treatment and their goals.

Pots treatment program

The Treatment Program

Our team is dedicated to treating patients in our community who suffer from POTS. Management of POTS symptoms is primarily aimed at increasing circulating blood volume and enhancing blood return to the heart.

The more effectively your body can return an appropriate volume of blood to your heart, the less intense your symptoms will be. Initial management of POTS symptoms should include conservative lifestyle measures such as hydration, exercise and nutrition.

When you work with our team, we will provide you with the knowledge needed to start taking charge of your life, and begin a supervised in-person exercise program. This program is specifically designed to increase blood return to your heart and improve your symptoms, often within a few months.


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