On-ice Hockey Training
Welcome to Our On-Ice Development Structure

Welcome to Shield Athletics' On-Ice Development Structure

Your Home Ice Advantage

Welcome to Shield Athletics' premier On-Ice Development Structure - a comprehensive program designed to enhance every aspect of your hockey skills. Our commitment to holistic development and individual progress sets us apart in the world of hockey training.

With a focus on cultivating fundamental skills, advancing tactical understanding, and fostering a resilient mindset, we empower athletes to unlock their full potential on the ice.

Beginner Skating Programs

Our youth training programs enable young skaters to develop the knowledge and skills they need to play the game or enjoy the foundation of skating

✔ Learn to Skate
✔ Learn to Play Hockey

AA/AAA Hockey Training

Elevate your game with the same on ice training services that help the world’s top hockey players

✔ All Skills
✔ Pure Power Skating

REP/MD/A Hockey Training

Building the confidence to advance in the game

✔ Learn to Skate
✔ Learn to Play Hockey

Specialized Hockey Training

Position Specific, Learning Technique, Build Confidence

✔ Pure Defender
✔ Learn to Compete (Bump + Grind)
✔ Pure Stickhandling

Private Hockey Training Programs

Get a plan tailored to your needs

✔ Small Groups
✔ Private large Groups
✔ 1 on 1

The Off-Season Hockey Programs

The Off-Season

Our integrated off-season Training Program has supported NHL, Team Canada, European, AHL, and All-Star Athletes

Hockey Training Camps

Hockey Training Camps

Contact is for more information at 905-319-9659 or email us at info@shieldperformance.ca


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