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Learn to Skate!

Sessions Offered

Pure Defender

This program is designed to create an all-around Defender. I like to draw parallel between the defense position and a quarter back. From quick ups, escape moves, shooting, defending, jumping into the play to creating offence. This program was designed to teach the patterns that happen every game as Defender.

Learn to Compete

Our take on Bumb and grind – Learn to compete builds confidence in your game. The focus will be learning on how to absorb and create contact in a control setting. From learning how to win corner and net front battles to puck protection and shooting. This class will move through a series of drills using foam pads to simulate contact. This is a skill that needs to be taught at young age to build confidence on the ice as collisions and competing happen at every level.

Pure Stickhandling

This is a class that breaks down advanced stickhandling skills and maneuvering. The game has gone to another level when it comes to stickhandling, and building the fundamentals is a necessity to progress in stickhandling movements.

Ice Session Schedule

Defensive Specialty Programs

Birth Year Day/Time Registration
2009 - 2010 TBD TBD
2011 - 2012 TBD TBD
2013 - 2015 TBD TBD

Learn to Compete

Birth Year Day/Time Registration
2011 - 2014 TBD More details coming soon!

Pure Stick-handling

Birth Year Day/Time Registration
2011 - 2014 TBD More details coming soon!

Female Only

Birth Year Day/Time Registration
2006 - 2010 TBD More details coming soon!

You can call us at 905-319-9659 for scheduling details


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