Sports Therapy

Shield Athletics: Your Partner in Sports Injury Recovery and Prevention

At Shield Athletics in Burlington, we understand that sports injuries are an unfortunate but often inevitable part of most athletic activity. Injuries affect both amateurs and professionals alike. Conditions such as sprained ankles, ACL tears, pulled hamstrings, concussions, fractures, and lacerations are common injuries that athletes encounter, and receiving the appropriate treatment from a specialized Sports Physical Therapist can significantly speed up the recovery process while reducing the risk of future injuries.

Whether you're a weekend warrior or a seasoned athlete, understanding these injuries and receiving the proper therapy - at the right clinic - is crucial for prevention and effective treatment, and often requires specialized care from a Sports Physical Therapist.

Sports Medicine Physician Burlington, Halton

Meet Dr. David Robinson: Shield Athletic's In-House Sports Medicine Physician

Dr. Robinson has dedicated almost 20 years to Family Medicine before earning his Sports Medicine diploma. He also spent a decade at McMaster David Braley Sport Medicine Centre, caring for McMaster athletes like the Marauders football team. Since 1999, he's been the team physician for the Hamilton Bulldogs in both AHL and OHL franchises. Joining FKB in 2020, Dr. Robinson offers outstanding care for sports and musculoskeletal injuries, including concussions and arthritis, in the greater Hamilton and Halton regions.

  • Experienced Sports Medicine Physician
  • Injury Prevention Strategies
  • Expertise in Diagnosing Sports-Related Injuries
  • Customized Treatment for Sports Injuries
  • Specialized Sports Facility

We help you recover from sports related injuries

Tailored fitness and training programming for athletes

Integrated Physiotherapy

✔ Prevention and management of injuries
✔ Advice on safe participation in sports and exercise
✔ Active lifestyle promotion to aid in improving and maintaining quality of life
✔ Enhancing performance, and improving joint and muscle flexibility
✔ Treatment plans for return to sport or lifestyle

Chiropractic Care

Specialized Chiropractic Care

✔ 10+ years working with Elite athletes
✔ Highly effective and unique treatment support
✔ McMaster Contemporary medical acupuncture instructor
✔ Advanced soft tissue treatment for optimal recovery
✔ Enhancing performance through specialized exercises

Sports Massage Therapy for Athletes

RMT Massage Therapy

✔ Manipulation of soft tissue, including connective tissue and ligaments
✔ Addressing and treat soft tissue conditions and formulate a treatment plan
✔ Manage Rehabilitation, injury management, and injury prevention of athletes, and active individuals
✔ Improve mobility
✔ Enhances Mood and relieves stress
✔ Improves circulation and promotes soft tissue healing
✔ Address fascial restrictions


Hands-on Osteopathy

✔ Holistic Approach to manual therapy
✔ Injury Prevention, minimize severity, optimize performance
✔ Assess and correct sports specific mechanics for athletes and active individuals
✔ Specific treatment plan for individual needs
✔ Functional Range Conditioning Techniques

Sports Athletic Therapy

Athletic Therapy

✔ On site emergency response to assess and manage injuries
✔ First responder certification
✔ Sport specific training and exercise prescription
✔ Concussion management + return to Play
✔ Injury Prevention, Management, + education
✔ Taping Techniques

Concussion Management

Concussion Management

At our facility, we prioritize effective Concussion Management to ensure the safe and successful recovery of our athletes from head injuries.

✔ Comprehensive assessment of concussion symptoms for accurate diagnosis
✔ Individualized treatment plans tailored to each athlete's needs
✔ Utilization of the latest evidence-based techniques for concussion recovery
✔ Close monitoring and regular follow-up assessments to track progress
✔ Collaboration with other healthcare providers for a multidisciplinary approach to treatment

Sports Medicine and Therapy FAQ

Here are answers to common questions about sports therapy and sports medicine.

Sports medicine and therapy are essential for athletes and active individuals who aim to optimize their physical performance while reducing the risk of injuries. They provide specialized care that general healthcare might not offer, including injury prevention, tailored exercise regimes, and quick, effective treatments for sports-related conditions.

The frequency of visits to a sports therapist depends on the nature and severity of your injury. After an initial assessment, the therapist will typically provide a treatment plan that outlines the recommended number of sessions and exercises.

Recovery times for an ACL tear will vary depending on the severity of the injury and the treatment approach. Generally, it takes about 6 to 9 months to fully recover after surgical reconstruction and physical therapy.

We offer advanced soft tissue treatments such as massage, acupuncture, and ultrasound therapy for optimal recovery.

Sports medicine is a medical specialty that focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of sports-related injuries and conditions. Physical therapy on the other hand, is a healthcare profession that focuses on rehabilitate and improved movement and function. While sports medicine physicians can perform surgeries and prescribe medication, physical therapists primarily use exercises and other non-invasive treatments.

How We Maximize Your Recovery Time

Therapeutic Modalities We Offer


An updated approach to acupuncture that takes into consideration advancements in Anatomy, Physiology and Biomechanics to deliver a fast, safe and effective treatment for your pain or injury.


Utilizing an eclectic variety of techniques to mobilize joints and tissue to improve mobility and decrease swelling.


Developing exercises specifically for you to target your main strength or mobility issues that are holding you back.


An assessment and treatment method using the phases of gait (walking) to introduce and restore proper movement in all 3 dimensions.


A rehabilitation system Developed in the Czech republic that is guided by normal motor learning and development to reteach you how to optimally move again.


Neurological techniques that help to restore function.


Using unique and specially designed tools to mobilize and fascia and improve blood flow and circulation.


Gentle soft tissue technique used to clean the tissues and nerves.


Gentle yet effective joint mobilization techniques to improve joint mobility and decrease joint pain.

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