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Injuries can feel like a major setback but Shield will help you recover quickly and get back to performing at your best. Our expert therapists will create a personalized plan that's tailored to your needs and goals of regaining your strength so you can keep pushing your limits and achieving your goals.

SHIELD Performance and Therapy - Physiotherapy

Meet the Physiotherapy Team at SHIELD Performance and Therapy. At SHIELD we know that injuries can be a major obstacle for athletes so we provide personalized physiotherapy provided by professionals that know how to help you recover quickly and perform at your best. With our support you'll be able to get back in action and strive to achieve your aspirations again.

Meet Our Physiotherapists

Frankie Rubino Physiotherapist at Shield Athletics

Frankie Rubino


Frankie holds a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Health Sciences from York University, obtained in 2017, and a Master of Science in Physiotherapy, conferred by McMaster University in 2019.

As a dedicated Physiotherapist, Frankie possesses a keen interest in managing various orthopedic injuries and cardiac conditions. His professional experience encompasses a diverse client base, including individuals with chronic conditions and athletes at both amateur and professional levels.

Serving as an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Physiotherapy program at McMaster University, Frankie emphasizes the significance of educational elements in treatment, alongside exercise and manual therapy techniques.

Liam Board Physiotherapist at Shield Athletics

Liam Board

Physiotherapy Resident

Liam obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training with a minor in Strength and Conditioning from Neumann University. During his schooling he was also a member of the NCAA D3 hockey team.

After working for a year as an Athletic Therapist, Liam decided to further his education in Dublin, Ireland. Liam pursued a master’s degree in Physiotherapy at the University College Dublin.

Liam believes that a combination of manual therapy and exercise is key to a full recovery. He also believes that we must observe and treat the body entirely, not just the site of injury.

Liam is a specialist in exercise prescription to provide home exercise programs to speed up the healing process and prevent re-injury.


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